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Home » Archives » September 2008 » Dump the Car and Have More Friends!

09/19/2008: "Dump the Car and Have More Friends!"
Several British studies confirm that living on busy streets not only degrades physical health but interferes with one's social life. According to the Guardian:
New research, based on interviews with households on three Bristol streets, has found that people who live with high levels of motor traffic are far more likely to be socially disconnected and even ill than people who live in quiet, clean streets.

It confirms a study done by a British academic in San Francisco in 1969. This found the weight of traffic in urban areas largely determined people's quality of life and also identified a major erosion of community on busy streets. The Bristol study is the first time that research has been conducted in Britain.
Researcher Joshua Hart goes on to conclude: "Growing car dependence is creating an epidemic of deteriorated mental and physical health associated with air and noise pollution, inactivity and road deaths and injuries."

Read the entire article at The Guardian.