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6 Tips for Planning an Outdoorsy Vacation

Outdoor vacations have become more popular than ever since the pandemic began. There are growing trends around vacationing in pet-friendly national parks and camping...

Outdoor vacations have become more popular than ever since the pandemic began. There are growing trends around vacationing in pet-friendly national parks and camping style excursions. Whether you plan to sleep under the stars in your tent, convert your van into a camper, or test that new RV out, here are six things to consider for planning a successful outdoor vacation.

1. Think about sleeping arrangements.


Travel destinations for outdoorsy people are everywhere. When planning your outdoor vacation, the first thing to think about is weather. This will determine your sleeping arrangements. Obviously, in warmer climates, tents will be an option while they won’t be ideal in other, cooler parts of the country. Before you select your final destination, think about what you have on hand. If you own a tent, let that be your guide to a warmer state where you can sleep under the stars.

2. Consider heat.

Even the best climates can get cold at night. Arizona, while known for scorching deserts, can still see snow dustings in wintertime. For those who hope to sleep outside, you want to think about heat ahead of time. Whether sleeping in a tent or using your car or van as a converted camper, you may want to look into a portable heater just in case.

If you’re a self-defined glamper—someone who likes to camp in style—heat or lack of it could even play a part in selecting your final destination. If you care about lush eyelashes and the perfect hair while hiking in a dessert, you might want to check into accommodations that offer artificial climate controls. At the very least, plan for surprises and pack clothing you can layer.

3. Research amenities.


For glampers and the more rugged sort alike, it’s important to know what you’ll have access to ahead of time. If you need electricity hook ups or dumping stations, do your research on any campground or public land you hope to stay on.

For those who plan to bring the family pet along for the ride, make sure to ask about rules on dogs and other furry friends ahead of time too. Dog-friendly vacations are everywhere and easy to find if you are willing to do your research. There’s no reason to leave the family pet behind if you plan ahead before your outdoorsy vacation.

4. Buy accessories.

No matter what your travel plans, outdoor adventures require items you might not otherwise pack. Consider your destination and pack for outdoor adventure success with items like sun screen, bug spray, sanitizers and even toilet paper. For those who plan to sleep under the stars and won’t have facilities like kitchens or bathrooms, consider what you’ll need for cooking. Camping pots and pans, propane portable stoves, spoons, reusable straws, matches, and more are all things you’ll want on hand.

5. Pack for adventure.


Getting lost outdoors can be exhilarating. But the adventure is even better when you come equipped with the right items to really explore. A good pair of hiking boots, a portable hammock, waterproof ponchos or raincoats, a camera, and plenty of water are musts for those seeking the adventure of the wilderness. While writing down a packing list, think about safety too. Fog horns for bears, extra chargers, signal boosters, and flares are never a bad idea.

6. Consider energy footprints.

If you’re planning an outdoor vacation, you probably care about nature. When making plans, consider how you’ll minimize your impact on the environment. From knowing rules on how to dispose of grey water to bringing bags to dispose of trash, add to your list biodegradable and organic cleaners and chemicals too. In the end, Mother Nature will thank you.

An outdoorsy vacation is perfect for those looking for some fresh air and new adventures. With these tips in mind, you’ll be ready for any trip to the great wild outdoors.



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