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Unconventional Vacation Ideas

Everyone looks forward to the day that vacation starts. While most people prioritize traveling, be it for a weekend or a month, time constraints...

Everyone looks forward to the day that vacation starts. While most people prioritize traveling, be it for a weekend or a month, time constraints and affordability often get in the way. When the time does come, seize the moment and make the most of some well-deserved rest and relaxation with these unconventional vacation ideas. 

Take Advantage of Free Tourism 

Free city tours are available worldwide and are offered in many languages. Taking a free walking tour is a great way to learn the history and fun facts about a city through the eyes of a local. While walking tours are generally free, guides earn their money through tips, so be prepared to show appreciation after the tour. Aside from being informative, tours are a great way to meet new people, get a feel for a city, and ask for tips on things to do and where to go. 

City guides are a great resource to come up with ideas of what to do on a vacation. The Greater Lansing Convention and Visitors Bureau encourages locals and visitors alike to take the LAN150 Challenge. This bucket-list is a guide to discovering the essence of Greater Lansing through gastronomy, mixology, live entertainment, exciting attractions, and a vibrant arts district. 

Many museums charge an admission fee, however, some offer discounts or free entrance on select days. With uniquely themed museums becoming common in cities, spending an afternoon among fun and interactive exhibitions is a relaxing way to enjoy a vacation. 

Plenty of bars and restaurants have special events or live music during the week. Check out some free local entertainment and spend an evening interacting with the locals. There are also plenty of free events and meet up groups to explore with a simple Google or Facebook search. 

See the Sights in Style 

If the goal of a vacation is to take in as much of a city as possible, see the sights in style. Hop-On, Hop-Off bus tours are widely available in cities. Tourists can take a ride on a double-decker bus while a tour guide narrates all the sights of interest. Hop off any time at a designated stop to explore an area and get back on the bus when ready. 

For a more self-sufficient means of getting around, rent an electric scooter and zip around town. Companies like Lime, Bird, and Uber all have electric scooters scattered throughout cities that riders can access through an app. 

Growing in popularity are city-wide bike-sharing stations. For a small fee, riders can check out bikes for a certain period of time to explore the area. When the ride is over, return the bike to any available station. JerseyBike is the leader in bike sharing in Weeharken, NJ. Users unlike a bike using the mobile app and ride. They can manage any parking stops along the way with the app, then return the bike to a station, lock it up, and finish the ride on the app. 

Make Fun Memories 

Vacations are meant to be fun, and taking photos captures the fun. Get creative with visiting landmarks and places of interest by going on a photo scavenger hunt. Find famous monuments, unusual street names or street signs, look for local celebrities, or visit popular eateries. Be as creative as possible and set a time limit to complete the scavenge. 

Souvenirs are a fun way to remember a vacation, but they can add up in weight and price quickly. Spend time looking for unconventional keepsakes, such as shells, sand, pine cones, or anything related to the location. Complimentary matchbooks, coasters, or menus also make for clever souvenirs. 



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