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The Only Travel Packing Checklist You’ll Need

Often when people are planning a vacation, they are afraid that they’ll step foot onto the airplane without all of the clothing they’ll need...

Often when people are planning a vacation, they are afraid that they’ll step foot onto the airplane without all of the clothing they’ll need while they’re away. When packing, the lingering thought of, “I think I’m forgetting something,” can cause travel anxiety. It’s similar to leaving your house and wondering if you left the stove on or the front door unlocked. The best way to say your goodbyes to pre-vacation stress is by reading the following checklist— the only travel packing checklist you’ll need.

1How Much is Enough?

If you’re going away for seven days, you’ll need seven days’ worth of clothing. But it’s better to pack three extra outfits just in case. You never know if one or your shirts will end up stained from restaurant food or if a baby will spit up on your jacket in the airport. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

For a seven day vacation, you would technically need seven outfits, and pajamas, of course. But let’s not forget to pack for special occasions — nightlife, the beach, dinners. Including daytime and nighttime outfits in your suitcase is recommended, so you’ll want to bear all of this in mind when packing.

2. Restaurant Attire 

If you’re going to be dining out at any five-star restaurant, women should consider packing silk off the shoulder top with a nice pencil skirt to match. Silk off the shoulder tops have dramatic, flared sleeves and they reveal just enough skin on your shoulder. You’ll be the classiest, most chic woman in the restaurant.

Men should bring several black, dark blue, or grey suits, a few ties, and two pairs of dress shoes. Don’t forget to pack a few white collared shirts, as well. Most restaurants have specific etiquette when it comes to attire. If you’re not fond of renting a used jacket, be sure to pack your own.

3. Specific Outings


Are you vacationing to a tropical island, a desert, or maybe Alaska? Wherever you’re headed, you have probably already made reservations for dinners, snowboarding, skiing, surf, or bodyboarding lessons. You will want to pack the necessities for every activity you’ve planned.

If you’re going somewhere snowy, consider packing a warm puffer jacket, scarves, and skiing or snowboarding goggles. For sunny destinations, consider making reservations for surfing or bodyboarding lessons. You can rent a bodyboard, but you might want to have your own wetsuit and swim fins—be sure to purchase and pack any clothing for your scheduled outings.

4. Don’t Forget Accessories 

Accessories can be easily forgotten, so remember to bring your favorite pair of sunglasses, hair ties, curling or straightening irons, and makeup. Additionally, you won’t want to forget your phone charger and wall blocks. Imagine being on your flight and realizing you’ve forgotten your phone charger? In some countries, an iPhone charger won’t be an easy find.

You should bring toothpaste, a toothbrush, a bag for laundry, a first aid kit, and, of course, your favorite bathing suit. An umbrella for potentially rainy days will come in handy too, as will lip balm for dry or cracked lips due to climate changes. It’s common for travelers to forget deodorant, moisturizer, socks, and enough pairs of underwear. You don’t have to fall victim to forgetting the essentials.

5. Always Pack Light

This may sound contradictory but packing light while still including your daytime and nighttime outfits will prove beneficial. Hauling heavy luggage can cause the beginning of your vacation to feel overwhelming. You should be reveling in this time of relaxation—vacationing is fun! Buying a lightweight suitcase will lessen the strain of toting your belongings throughout each airport.

Once you’re sure you’ve packed everything on your checklist, you’re ready to go. Double-check your list—and triple check it, too. The most important aspect of packing is not allowing any stressors to creep in. Your vacation will be delightful, there’s no reason to worry.



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