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The New Colonist interviews thinkers and doers in cities everywhere to find out how urban living makes everyone's day! We also offer a weekly conversation with the editors. These are full-length interviews, rather than the edited versions on our blog and our YouTube pages.

J. H. Crawford: "Gaslight Village: Carfree in Philly?"
Print version
John McIlwain: "The Death of the Monster House"
Gina Risemberg: "Street Food"
Liz McLellan: "Hyperlocavore"
Nick Kyriazi: "Carfree in Pittsburgh"
Susan DeMark: "The Mindful Walker"
Chip Haynes: "Peak of the Devil"
Christiane Leach: "Pittsburgh's Art Scene"
Nancy Schneider: "Walkable Florida"
Bradley Thomas: "Cincinnati's Streetcars"
Chip Haynes: "The Practical Cyclist"
Rick Risemberg: "Carfree in LA"
Anna Dove: "Pigeons"
Eric Miller and Rick Risemberg
Slow Food & Slow Cities
Death & Taxes: Train Wrecks, Traffic, and Geese
Suburbia: What Will It Be Next?
Suburbia: a Troubled Time
The Birth of Suburbia
Plastic Packaging
Light Rail In America
High Speed Rail in America
Living Small

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