A Detailed Guide To Choosing The Best Prohormones For Bulking

Prohormones are debatably the most interesting category of bodybuilding supplements available in the market today. They are powerful supplements that can increase your testosterone levels and muscle mass. Taking bulking prohormones results in massive gains in size and strength. You attain a superhero feeling since your strength and endurance increases significantly. Other uses of bulking hormones include combating infertility, mood improvement, and management of PMT symptoms. The prohormones naturally released by human beings includes pro-opiomelanocortin and pro-insulin. However, these hormones have reduced hormonal effects hence require supplementation.

Why prohormones are unique

Bulking prohormones provide a nontoxic alternative to utilizing steroids and other synthetic alternatives. They are also less expensive, generally legal, and readily accessible. Since they work directly with the natural chemistry of the body, best prohormones for bulking do not create pronounced side effects.

How to plan a successful prohormone cycle

Failure to use bulking prohormones as recommended can result in devastating side effects. However, you can eradicate these side effects or else minimize them by being careful with their usage, dosage, and post cycle therapy. The biggest mistake you can ever make is to drink alcohol while you are taking prohormones. These hormones tend to overwork the liver. Therefore, when you take prohormones for bulking and drink alcohol, your liver is beaten from two diverse directions. You may end up with a severe liver damage and other health complications. In addition, alcohol hinders synthesis of protein hence prevents muscle growth. Below are guidelines for planning your bulking prohormones cycle.

Stick to one hormonal compound

It is unnecessary to stack several hormonal compounds when creating your first cycle. Taking more compounds can result in severe side effects. For example, when you experience side effects with one hormonal compound, it easier to discontinue the cycle and begin a new one. On the other hand, determining the compound that is causing side effects when you are using several of them can prove to be an arduous task. Adding compounds increase the intensity of side effects such as blood pressure and hair loss. The best bulking prohormones should improve the rate of protein synthesis and have significantly lower side effects.

Maintain regular dosing patterns

Apart from using the best prohormones for bulking, your dosing patterns must be consistent. Since different hormonal compounds have varied peak concentration and half-lives, your dosage pattern must adhere to them. Most compounds have a half-life that ranges from 5-12 hours. Therefore, the amount of dose you take must be equal at all intervals. Avoid setting your dosing schedule at weird hours like 2:00 a.m. Some individuals who use Prohormones for bulking tend to experience insomnia hence it is imperative to schedule the dosage during your habitual sleeping patterns.

Manufacturers indicate ideal time dosing parameters on the label of bulking hormones. These dosing parameters may be either correct or incorrect. Thus, seeking professional guidance from an experienced user or checking out the website of the manufacturer is a wise decision.

Make informed decision

In the bodybuilding arena, many hot debates are surrounding the support supplements. Most individuals tend to use support supplements to alleviate negative side effects. This is a trap that you should avoid at all cost. Some support supplements are not only wastefully expensive but also triggers additional side effects and lessen muscle gains.

Post Cycle Therapy (PCT)

Your main objective should be to return your body to a homeostasis status. However, you will need to be patient since your body will take the time to get back to its normal hormonal levels. Seek recommendations from experienced users on products that can assist you to have a successful post cycle therapy.

Best bulking prohormones


Androtest happens to be the most common and best bulking prohormones available on the market. 4-Androstenediol is a base compound utilized by Androtest. Since this hormonal compound is not methylated, it is non-toxic for the liver. The compound is directly converted into testosterone hence it provides an exceptional oral alternative.


Liquidine stimulates rapid muscle gain, strength, and endurance because it does not have any estrogenic effects. It utilizes a similar compound used in making Dienazone


Nanodrol is among the most effective bulking prohormones. It produces enormous gains in muscle mass and strength. Due to its active nature, Nanodrol does not need any enzymatic conversion. Its repartitioning benefits are highly noticeable. Its ability to resist metabolic breakdown is one of the notable advantages of Nanodrol.


This hormonal compound has a higher anabolic to androgenic proportion. The positive effects produced by Triumphalis can be equated to Superdol. Due to its universal nature, it can be used for cutting or bulking.