What Are Anabolic Steroids & Prohormones?

An anabolic steroids can best be described as a chemical compound that is related to testosterone, or derived from it. They cause protein synthesis with the cells, building body mass. Hence, the term anabolic, meaning building or growing, versus catabolic, which means wasting or losing.

An anabolic steroid within your own body would be testosterone and somatropin. They can both be classed as steroids, though somatropin would be more like a steroid-related substance. Anabolic steroids themselves are not harmful, and they do a lot of good things when used in medicine. They are used to treat osteoporosis frequently, and are used a lot while treating anemia and bone marrow loss.  They have successfully been used to treat cancer, also.

Body builders use anabolic steroids for sale because of the way it makes the muscles grow. They use them both for bulking, or adding muscle, and for cutting, or defining the muscle. Muscle definition is important in contests, and body builders will use cutting steroids right before a competition to make that muscle stand out.

Other athletes use best prohormones to enhance their performance. Most of us are familiar with the recent bicycle champion who was caught ‘doping’ as they called it. He admitted to using some steroids with his bicycle racing. His awards were removed from him.

Likewise, there was an Olympic runner in the 1988 Olympics who use anabolic steroids. He broke several Olympics and world records. Those records were reversed and he lost his medals when steroids were found in his body.

A lot of other athletes use best steroids: swimmers, runners, ball players, skiers, ice skaters — name the sport, and they have likely used or are using, or will use steroids.

Animals use steroids. Livestock cattle are given Trenbolone to burn fat and produce muscle mass. It works so well, it is given to nearly every kind of livestock animal today, including cattle, pigs, chicken, turkeys — name it, it has taken steroids. There should be no concern about the steroids passing to humans who eat the meat from these animals. There are no steroids in that meat. If there were, cooking would destroy the steroid. If there was any after that, your stomach would destroy the pro hormones. It will have absolutely no effect on a human. Humans are totally safe from steroids in meat, despite the fanciful wives’ tales you have been told by activists. There is no danger from steroids, and not one shred of scientific evidence supporting arguments otherwise.

Do not be afraid of anabolic steroids. You have some of your own, right now.

Top Of The Line

There are a never ending supply of gyms all over the world, from the United States to Australia and everywhere in between. While the majority of the gyms out there are independent gyms or family owned operations, there are chains of gyms out there that are springing up in the world like McDonalds or Burger King, the majority of these gyms have been referred to as discount gyms by many in the industry. Now, there are a lot of those so-called discount gyms right now, but the question that we are going to be answering in this piece is this…what are the top three discount gym chains in the United States right now?

#1: Retro Fitness

As of this writing, there are over one hundred and thirty two Retro Gym fitness centers around the United States right now and those numbers are going up. While this gym chain has primarily found popularity in the Northeastern portion of the United States, the gyms are starting to spread out further down west and into the central United States as well. The gym also gained a lot of popularity on a national level a few years back when then gyms founder was featured on the hit television show Undercover Boss. This gym continues to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to technology as they are currently working with Apple and other technology companies to integrate their software into different aspects of the gyms, the future is bright for this chain.

#2: Planet Fitness

Planet Fitness has been a mainstay in the United States for over two decades now and they recently opened their thousandth gym in Washington DC. This gym chain usually operates twenty four hours a day and their low monthly prices ($9.99 to $19.99 a month) is what keeps the people coming through the doors with each passing day. Planet Fitness has even gotten a little creative when it comes to the people who are seen as an annoyance in the gym thanks to the Lunk Alarm, which is an alarm than any member can sound to tell the staff that a member is doing something of extreme annoyance that ruins others gym experience, also make sure to read best cutting cycle and best bulking cycle articles

#3: Anytime Fitness

Although this chain is the youngest of all the gym chains that were included on this list, the amount of gyms they have around the world is simply astounding as they have over three thousand gyms already operating around the world. Outside of the United States, Australia has the most Anytime Fitness gyms, with over four hundred of them in that country alone. Anytime Fitness is becoming popular thanks to the wide variety of workout classes that are offered, which includes outdoor training sessions as well.

There are a lot of gyms in the world today and discount gym chains are becoming the norm in our world today and now that you know which one’s are the best of them all, it is time to get the gym clothes on and walk through their doors to get in shape right now.