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The Best Vacation Ideas & Destinations for 2019

Your vacation days are a valuable asset, especially since you are only allotted a small amount of paid time off per year. The average...

Your vacation days are a valuable asset, especially since you are only allotted a small amount of paid time off per year. The average number of days of PTO given to salaried American employees is 10. If you are taking time off work to take a vacation, travel, or just to recharge your batteries, you will want to choose a destination or an activity that will make your time worth it. 

A proper vacation should include fun activities or experiences as well as valuable time to destress and relax. A well-balanced and enriching vacation can be beneficial to your mental health and even make you more productive at work when you return. If you are looking for some fresh vacation ideas and destinations to round out your 2019, keep reading for some great tips.

Enrich Yourself With Theatrical Experiences

One great way to get a lot out of your vacation or holiday time is by being a patron of theatrical arts no matter where you go. Every city should have a community or university theater, and seeing a production in these places will give you the experience to remember. Theater can also help spark conversations among the people you are traveling with, whether they are friends or family. 

Additionally, there is no reason your theatrical or cultural experience should cost you a fortune. Consider purchasing tickets through a website that offers last-minute or in-advance discounts, such as TodayTix. Whether you are looking for Book of Mormon tickets a season in advance or just need a day-of experience to spruce up your vacation, you can find them at a reasonable price.

Go For An All-In-One Experience

A great way to save time or gas mileage while you are on vacation is by opting for a vacation experience that offers everything in one place. A popular version of this is the all-expenses-included resort, which is a type of accommodation common in beachy areas. However, there are some travel destinations that offer accommodations and entertainment and views all in one convenient area. For instance, the Mill Casino Hotel and RV Park in Oregon offer hotels and an RV park, as well as gambling in their casinos and beautiful views to explore in the surrounding area. 

You will be sure to find a “Site for Shore Eyes” on the beaches near the hotel and casino, and you will not be disappointed. You will be able to capture wonderful photographs to share with loved ones back home, and you will feel refreshed by the views. 

Consider A Staycation

Another idea for a vacation is having a staycation in your own city or town. This is a great idea if you’re short on vacation days or if your budget is tight. Consider booking a hotel in town and exploring an area you have never seen before. Being a tourist or an explorer in your own town can prove very beneficial, as you may find your new favorite restaurant, museum, or coffee shop. 

Taking a staycation can ve just as enriching for your mind and soul as a vacation where you travel a long distance, as long as you invest the proper amount of time and care into making the most of it.

Get Outside 

If you really want to do wonders for your mental health, consider selecting a vacation location with lots of activities to do in nature. Things like camping, hiking, or even just sitting in nature can help de-stress you, and can even lower your blood pressure

In addition to being very healthy, you can usually find a natural destination that will fit within your budget, so you do not break the bank just to take a break from work. 




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