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5 Reasons to Visit Scottsdale This Summer

Grab your swimsuit and start packing—you’re visiting Scottsdale this summer. Call the VacayAz Vacation Rental Property Management Company Scottsdale now before all of the best resorts...

Grab your swimsuit and start packing—you’re visiting Scottsdale this summer. Call the VacayAz Vacation Rental Property Management Company Scottsdale now before all of the best resorts run out of vacancies!

Perhaps you’ve heard of the stereotype that Scottsdale is too hot during summer, but the temperature shouldn’t discourage you from booking your ticket there this summer. It is a top spa destination in the U.S., boasting sparkling fountains, top hotels with years of experience, and resorts that provide excellent customer service. For instance, Casago vacation rentals are more than places to sleep—they come with delicious food, green lawns, a magnificent swimming pool, and the hottest resort rates. Moreover, as the temperature increases, prices decrease. Sounds like a good deal, right? Here are five reasons to visit Scottsdale this summer.

1. Head to Old Town Scottsdale

There are plenty of activities to amuse you in Old Town—it is the heart of the city. It boasts excellent rental property with green lawns, sparkling fountains, and outdoor sculptures celebrating the city’s Old West heritage. Boutiques, art galleries, cafes, and museums line the streets of Old Town, giving both locals and tourists plenty to explore.

Even though you might not be on a shopping spree, Old Town’s assorted collections of specialty shops create fun window-shopping opportunities. Furthermore, you can hit the Scottsdale Historical Museum, where you can learn how the original settlers and founders experienced life in the town.

2. Explore Scenic Waterways

Had you imagined that there is no water in the Arizona desert? Well, guess what: there is! And its bodies of water are an ideal destination during the hot summertime. Spend calm mornings paddling along lofty cliffs and lush green riverbanks while spotting bald eagles and wild horses.

From fishing, kayaking, shore-side hiking, river rafting, and touring on historic steamboats, you’ll revel in moments of beauty under dry air, surrounded by spectacular Sonoran Desert scenery. Magnificent local rivers include:

  • Salt River
  • Verde River
  • Saguaro Lake
  • Bartlett Lake
  • Lake Pleasant
  • Canyon Lake
  • Apache Lake
  • Roosevelt Lake

3. Get Cultured at Marshall Way Arts District

This desert city is not only a hotbed of ancient aesthetics and cowboy art—there is also a thriving contemporary art scene. Cherished galleries display a wide range of media, including sculptures, paintings, photographs, and mixed-media pieces.

The strong representation of local artists, along with notably famous names, will make your tour fascinating. The first Thursday of every month is the popular free Art Walk, where the streets are buzzing with live music, gallery openings, and refreshments.

4. Go on Day Trips

Yes, you heard it right: road trips! Take advantage of just a two-hour trip to explore the famous red rocks of Sedona, drive along Route 66, adore the spectacles of Flagstaff, or forest bathe in Payson.

You can even enjoy the cool depths of Kartchner Caverns—a stunning “living cave” where you can find Kubla Kahn, the highest and most gigantic pillar formation in Arizona. Furthermore, you won’t regret spending a few hours at Paradise Valley—maybe the fanciest town in Arizona. It is famous for its condos, signature vacation rentals, golf courses, shopping, and restaurant scene.

5. Appreciate the Desert Botanical Garden

The Desert Botanical Garden—a few minutes’ drive from Old Town Scottsdale—provides a fantastic glimpse of desert life. You’ll appreciate hummingbirds buzzing past, butterflies darting about, and woodpeckers perching on saguaros. The gardens epitomize the different deserts of the southwestern USA:

  • Great Basin Desert
  • Chihuahua Desert
  • Sonoran Desert
  • Mojave Desert

This Arizonan city is full of life, arts, and culture. From boutiques selling decorative ruana collections and custom garments made of yarn to performances in the park, there is plenty of amusement to keep you engaged all summer long. The rental market and accommodation facilities in Scottsdale are equally superb, so you’ll feel comfortable during your vacation. An excellent real estate agent or rental management company will make sure you stay at a beautiful rental home or vacation rental property.

Appreciate your summer months by visiting Scottsdale. You’ll definitely enjoy the experience.




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