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A Simple Guide for Starting Over in Life

Life sometimes doesn’t go the way we plan. It can take a single breakup or a terrible divorce to throw us off our life’s...

Life sometimes doesn’t go the way we plan. It can take a single breakup or a terrible divorce to throw us off our life’s track, wondering what’s next or how best to rebuild our lives while we’re on the verge of losing hope about the future. In moments like this, we must focus on seeing the art of starting over as a mark of courage and not a sign of failure. This mindset changes everything and gives us the strength to forge ahead. If you’re dealing with a difficult situation or you simply need a change but you’re unsure how to move ahead, here’s a simple yet detailed guide.

Envisage the new life you want for yourself.


One of the best ways to start over in life is to assess your current life and where you see your life going. You might be a lawyer or marketer who has realized that contrary to your current career, you want to work in healthcare. The first step is to outline exactly where within the healthcare sector you see yourself flourishing. With that, the plans start to outline themselves.

What starts as a decision to go into healthcare will unfold into you applying for a bachelor’s degree in respiratory therapy, working towards professional growth, and changing occupations. An online search for “bachelor’s degree respiratory therapy” will suffice in this respect to ensure you choose the right degree. If this is the route you choose, you finally get to live the life you want, providing effective respiratory care to people, conducting patient education and even encouraging younger or older people to consider different career options.

Check your limitations and excuses.

When bad things happen, you might assume the worst for your future and think you’re doomed. Now’s the time to stop yourself in those mental tracks and change course. Instead of becoming risk-averse, with a lot of doubt in yourself and your abilities, start crediting all these feelings to life lessons. Think of the past as the past, and focus on how to make the rest of your life better.

If you believe that your current location prevents you from moving forward, it might be time to consider a move. You can begin the search listings for a new bedroom apartment, pack up your belongings. By using cheap storage units, you can move to a nearby location with great amenity options or even an entirely new country.

It might mean making a long-term commitment to going back to school or taking time out of the dating scene to focus on yourself and your needs to help you overcome your midlife crisis. Changing your limitations and excuses into positive energy is hard, but it’s not impossible.

Get a mentor to help you follow through.


There are moments where you’ll struggle to follow through with your new actions because it’s hard, confusing, or tough. Your best bet is to have a guide, someone who knows the best ways to help you navigate your feelings and bypass them into action. These people are known as mentors. Having a mentor is a great way to create a new life with the help of someone who is knowledgeable.

You might be a prospective student looking to apply for an associate degree or a bachelor of science degree, but you don’t know the best way to go about it. You might be a new divorcee struggling to find yourself and stop blaming yourself for how things turned out. Invest in an academic tutor or a therapist, people who are skilled in and have additional knowledge on what you’re trying to achieve.

Hopefully, these tips have helped you with the first few steps to starting over.



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