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5 Ways You Need to Prepare for a Brutal Summer

Summer is on the way and depending on where you live, you might be preparing for some intense seasonal weather. While it isn’t always...

Summer is on the way and depending on where you live, you might be preparing for some intense seasonal weather. While it isn’t always easy to stay cool in the heat, it’s essential to make sure that you and your home are healthy throughout the duration of the season. Intense heat, especially inside your home, isn’t just uncomfortable, it can also pose serious health risks to you and your family. Any family that wants to stay safe and protected for all of the long summer months should take preparing for the season seriously. If you need help figuring out where to start, read on for five ways you can start to prepare for a brutal summer.

1. Have your HVAC system inspected.


Experts recommend you have your HVAC looked at annually, but it’s never a bad idea for homeowners to have a local technician check it out if you’re preparing for an intense summer in a place like Arizona or New Mexico. You should also be diligent about changing your filter, which needs to be done every 90 days. Look for companies like this air conditioning service in Albuquerque that offer check-ups in addition to HVAC service, maintenance, and repair. You want to make sure the company you hire can not only identify the problem but that they also have the years of experience necessary to solve it in an efficient and budget-friendly way. An HVAC system that isn’t maintained properly won’t operate at peak efficiency, which can raise your energy bills, and also is more vulnerable to a sudden breakdown.

2. Repair windows and doors.


Cracks and crevices in your windows and doors can let in hot air and raise the temperature inside your house. This also increases the energy consumption of your air conditioning system, as it will have to work harder to maintain your ideal temperature. Filling in any gaps is essential before the summer arrives. Floor-length curtains indoors are another good way to add an extra layer of insulation and help reduce the effects of any structural issues with your windows until a full repair is possible.

3. Make a hydration plan.


There’s nothing more important than staying hydrated in the summer, and water delivery services can be an effective way to guarantee you have fresh, filtered, high-quality spring water all summer long. It’s easy to search “water delivery near me” and look into the options available in your area. The convenience of having a water delivery service bring you spring water for your water cooler to handle your hydration needs, rather than relying on filtered pitchers or other less efficient solutions, can be a life-saver in the middle of a heatwave.

4. Invest in a dehumidifier.


Maintaining a normal humidity level in your house is essential if you want to stay comfortable, but the humidity that’s too high can also be a health and safety issue. Too much humidity can allow dust mites and mold to spread more rapidly and can increase the presence of allergens. A dehumidifier is the most effective solution, but there are other things you can do around the house too. Use an exhaust fan or open a window in the kitchen, don’t overwater your houseplants, and make sure you fix leaky plumbing immediately.

5. Consider planning a vacation.


One way to beat the heat is to take a break and visit somewhere with a more bearable summer climate. While you should make sure your home is prepared for the summer first, there’s nothing wrong with allowing yourself a week or two to escape entirely at some point. Talk to your family and make a list of places everyone wants to visit that offer a little more protection from the summer sun and see if you can find a trip that’s right for you and your budget.

Living in a part of the world with a brutal summer isn’t easy, and it’s hard to avoid the discomfort that typically accompanies the season. However, some simple home maintenance by professionals and a little investment of time and money can make a big difference for any family looking to keep cool. Make sure your home doesn’t need any repairs and consider upgrading your technology at home to help regulate the temperature and humidity indoors. It’s also never a bad idea to plan a reprieve for yourself and your family in the form of a vacation to a more pleasant climate. While scorching heat and unrelenting sun are never pleasant, there are plenty of ways you can prepare yourself to be as safe and comfortable as possible when summer arrives.



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