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5 Ways to Relax This Summer

Summer 2020 may be an unprecedented time with most people spending time indoors or distanced from one another, but it doesn’t have to ruin...

Summer 2020 may be an unprecedented time with most people spending time indoors or distanced from one another, but it doesn’t have to ruin your summer plans. There are ways and activities that you can do in order to ensure you have a great summer regardless of the location.

1. Unleash your inner artist!

One way you can ensure that you and your family have a fun-filled summer is to unleash your inner artist. Arts and crafts are more than just the silly glue- and glitter-based activities our moms gave to us so we’d get out of their hair for a little while. People are turning to art to learn new skills, create beautiful things, and entertain themselves during these strange times. Whether it’s picking up macramé in order to create some fun new wall hangings in your apartment or ordering some fresh paint products in order to capture the beauty of your pup on canvas, people are turning to crafts to fill their time this summer.

That’s a great thing! Instead of scrolling through social media, they’re picking up a new skill that could become a hobby or even a new business venture. Art supplies can be found in large quantities for affordable prices. Companies like Paint Loose offer quality art supplies along with fun, DIY ideas that will help you have a lively summer. They have everything from acrylic paints to watercolors, and they have tutorials that will help you to hone your artist skills. So set up that easel, pose that bowel of fruit, and get started painting and crafting, you little Picasso!

2. Practice self-care and try some calming products.

It would be silly not to acknowledge the strangeness that encompasses this summer. Even with some aspects of life returning to normal, things won’t be completely normal quite yet. Although community-wide pool parties and barbecues may not be happening, so be sure to take care of yourself. Take a step back from checking the news or social media, and practice some self-care. You can have a nice cup of tea on your porch, or you can try more adventurous products like CBD or even THC.

With cannabis being legalized in more and more states, and companies are trying to tell consumers about the health benefits that can come with hemp and CBD oils. The hemp CBD cigarettes offered by Plain Jane and a great place to start if you’ve never tried these kinds of products before. There an easy way to feels the benefits of CBD, and can be packaged as a hemp or CBD joint, pre-roll or cigarette.

3. Grow yourself a green thumb.

Regardless of whether you’re in an apartment with a balcony or a house with a yard, anyone can grow themselves a green thumb. Going to the store to buy some seeds or a whole plant that you can grow and foster over the summer. There are plenty of types of plants you can grow: there are indoor house plants as well as regular potted plants and flowers you can grow outside. Not to mention, if you have the space to do so, you could grow fruits and vegetables! That will not only foster a fun summer hobby, it’ll gift you with great foods you can eat and cook (another potential summer hobby to pick up).

Just because summer trips, concerts, and other plans have been canceled doesn’t mean you have to spend it vegging out on the couch in front of the television, flipping through the same Netflix options. There are other ways you can have fun this summer. Now sit back, relax, and get ready for a joyous summer!



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