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4 Unconventional Ideas for Celebrating an Anniversary

Anniversaries are important times for any couple. They are a great time for reflection, celebration, and looking ahead to the future. Whether you’re celebrating your first...

Anniversaries are important times for any couple. They are a great time for reflection, celebration, and looking ahead to the future. Whether you’re celebrating your first date, the day a relationship became ‘official’, or a wedding anniversary, after a few years it can be tricky to keep thinking of new ways to celebrate together. No matter how good your favorite Italian restaurant is, going to the same place to have the same wine and dessert with the locals can get old. So what could help spice things up and make this year’s anniversary one to remember?

Bringing a level of excitement back into your anniversary celebrations through an unconventional celebration or activity is the perfect way to bring new life back to a regular celebration. Once a year is infrequent enough to go all in—and even better if you can surprise your partner at the same time! Here are four ideas that you could recreate with or for your partner to make your upcoming anniversary even better than last year.

1. Surprise them with a trip away.


Traveling with your partner is hardly something new, and you might have spent anniversaries out of town in the past. But have you ever surprised your spouse with an exciting trip away? The longer you can keep the destination a secret, the better! If you can get them to trust you and not look in certain directions even in the airport, you might even be able to hold out until you land, with the help of some trusty earplugs. For an extra special splash, you could give them a small gift that hints at where you’re about to go, like a cryptic picture of a lesser-known tourist spot there.

Browse around for fun activities and luxurious treats in your dream destinations. Go for a romantic city, with classic architecture to make for the perfect backdrop for a romantic trip away. For example, some of the best restaurants in Vienna, Austria are in gorgeous buildings, with stunning facades in front of Michelin star bistros serving great food to diners from all over the world. Some of the best chefs and sumptuous cuisine can be found in the Austrian capital, so for any foodie couple, it’s the perfect place to go.

2. Do something good in their name.


If your partner is hard to buy for and already has everything they could need, then why not put your gift money towards someone else who could use it more? Donating to charities in someone else’s name is a great way to make them feel good on your special day, plus you’re putting good karma out into the world, which can only bode well for your upcoming year together! Think of what they are passionate about: for example, donating to a children’s charity could be perfect for a teacher, or to one of Howard Fensterman‘s causes for nurses if you’re with someone in the medical field. Make sure that your donation fits them and is in line with what they would find value in themselves.

Charities will often send out little gift boxes or certificates for gift donations, so you can offer them that as an extra treat in person on the day itself. If your charity of choice doesn’t offer something, you could put something together yourself, like a little cuddly toy that represents the charity or a certificate that you make yourself. Having a keepsake of the gift will make it that little bit extra special and means they will remember your gift long after your donation money has already gone on to good elsewhere.

3. Make a fun game out of the day.


At the end of the day, anniversaries are all about celebrating together. Try to think of a unique activity that you could do together to feel closer with one another throughout the day. You could create a trivia quiz about your relationship, with romantic prizes for whoever answers the most questions right. Ask friends to put together a list of questions about each other or about your relationship in general for the occasion. Remember though, keep it civil: you don’t want a falling out on your anniversary over something as silly as a romance quiz! Go for cute questions, like favorite foods, favorite memories together, or funny stories that you’ve shared over time. Revisiting those days through a quiz is the perfect fun way to take a trip down memory lane together.

Another fun idea for an anniversary activity is a scavenger hunt around all of your favorite places. Leave clues at a series of locations that lead your partner from one to the next, all leading up to one special final place. You could end up at your favorite restaurant, or back at your home for a romantic night together. If you want to go really extreme, end on something spectacular, like a personal chef meal or a helicopter flight over the city. Whatever your final stop is, you can also drop clues to it throughout the day, keeping up the air of mystery and excitement all day long.

4. Push your boundaries to make it special.

Whatever you decide to do for your anniversary, it should be unique to you. If none of the three ideas so far have been right for you, then try thinking about what you’ve also talked about with your partner, but have never done. Perhaps you’ve been nervous, or simply never had the time. Has there been a particular set of womens underwear that your partner has never seen you in, like a thong or matching set? Has there been a place you’ve discussed visiting but have never made it to yet? Now is the time to tick those things off your bucket list!


Think outside the box and get creative. No memorable anniversary has ever happened by sticking to what feels safe. Even if you’re limited on budget, there are ways to make an evening at home together into something truly extraordinary. You can bring friends and family in to help, DIY as many aspects as possible; both of which often actually make the gift or experience that little bit more extraordinary. All of these steps help to make your partner feel so loved and appreciated. After all, isn’t that what anniversaries are all about?

No matter what you end up doing, the fact that you are both together is, of course, the most important thing. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself to make the day like a fairytale because, at the end of the day, your partner probably just wants to spend time with you. Finding new and exciting ways to celebrate is always fun, but make sure the planning is fun for you as well. No fantastical plan is worth losing sleepover!

Finding the right place and the right way to celebrate should be a lot of fun for you, as should any element of surprise you can add! The icing on the cake will be the look on your partner’s face when they see what you have planned, so leave yourself plenty of time to prepare and have fun! With these tips in your back pocket, you’ll be sure to have the most romantic and exciting anniversary ever.



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