Advantages And Dangers Of Doping With Stanozolol Steroids

Stanozolol is a synthetic anabolic steroid that mimics the effects of testosterone. It is administered into the body orally through Stanozolol pills, and intramuscular through Stanozolol steroid injections. Here is an overview of when and when not to use Stanozolol steroids, and whether it’s the right choice for you.

The Discovery of Stanozolol

The first time Stanozolol steroid came to the limelight is in 1988 when an athlete tested positive of doping with the drug. Before then, the steroid had been discovered around 1962 as a synthetic option of testosterone. The drug was mainly used for medicinal purposes to cure specific ailments that directly affected the protein blocks of the human body.

It wasn’t long before Stanozolol tablets showed up in the sporting world among athletes and bodybuilders. Stanozolol steroids became a popular supplement for muscle gain and boosting endurance in sportsmen. However, the Stanozolol steroid injections and pills were found to be doing more harm than good; the disadvantages were way too many to mitigate thus leading to the ban of the steroid as a medical and body building solution.

Today, Stanozolol steroids are still prohibited in some American States and countries. Nonetheless, with proper medical advice and direction, it is possible to supplement with Stanozolol tablets to alleviate disease symptoms or boost body physique.

Uses of Stanozolol

In medicine, the steroid is an good alternative for treating chronic and congenital disorders. Stanozolol treatment procedures have been administered to patients suffering from aplastic anaemia, stunted growth in children or vascular disorders through adjunct therapies. Physicians have also witnessed patients suffering from hereditary angioedema recover after treatment with Stanozolol steroids.

Stanozolol pills can also be used in fitness exercises to boost strength and endurance. However, it is important to first consult a doctor or fitness trainer to assess whether you are physically fit to dope with the steroid. A prescription will then be issued which should be followed religiously to achieve the desired results whilst avoiding the adverse effects of the same.
Side effects

The side effects will only be experienced when an individual begins to abuse the Stanozolol either as drug or supplement. The steroid has adverse effects on the body which is why not medical practitioners will recommend its use. In case of abuse or overuse, certain side effects will be experienced, including:
• Women may start facing issues in their menstrual flow

• Acne outbreak in both men and women that refuse to go away

• Shrinking of testicles and Gynecomastia in males

• Some bodybuilders have suffered heart attacks after prolonging the use of the steroid

• Some patients and bodybuilders have reported instances of rage, anger and other psychotic disturbances associated with the use of Stanozolol pills

• In worst cases, overuse of the steroid may cause permanent abuse

When not to use Stanozolol Steroid

While Stanozolol tablets may have proven benefits to both ailing patients and bodybuilders, not everyone is fit to use them. This is why it’s important to seek medical evaluation of your health to determine if you are a viable candidate for Stanozolol injections. You may not be able to use the steroid if:

• You have issues with your menstrual flow and the Stanozolol may aggravate the problem

• You suffer from diabetes or high blood sugar problems

• You have a history of acne infection

• You are a man suffering from prostatic hypertrophy

• You are recovering from Liver Cirrhosis or any form of liver disease. An exception here is if you are using the steroid as injectable solutions rather than oral tablets.

• You suffer from muscle or testicular atrophy as a man

• You suffer from breast atrophy or breast cancer as a woman

• You are a patient suffering from stroke

• You are a male with impotence issues

• You suffer from any psychiatric disorder

• You are currently medicating with anticoagulants

• You have started to witness side effects in the early stages of using the drug

• You suffer from any blood vessel disease.

Buying Stanozolol Steroids

Though the steroid exhibit adverse effects, this does not mean it is completely banned from the market. In fact, today you can buy Stanozolol under the name Winstrol, both in local and online pharmaceutical sites.

Besides treatment of human diseases and improving body physique, you can also buy Stanozolol online for veterinary purposes. In canine pets, for instance, the steroid is effective in improving appetite, weight gain, and boosting their physical strength. For your use, it is important to have a prescription by a qualified doctor or a recommended cutting cycle from a fitness expert.

It’s non-illegal to buy Stanozolol since it’s sold as a supplement. You can get the steroid pills or injectable from pharmaceutical websites that advertise them, though it’s important to ensure you are buying the real product. Because of the popularity of Stanozolol steroids, there has been an increase of counterfeit products in the market sold to unsuspecting consumers. These contraband steroid products may contain harmful ingredients which further destroy your health.

Before you buy Stanozolol online, first ensure you are purchasing from a licensed website authorized to sell the supplement. Run a background check of the website and pay attention to what former consumers are saying about their products. Is the website encrypted as well? You can easily find this out by checking its URL. All these precautions protect you from purchasing contrabands or losing your money to quacks.


Though the debate whether to legalize Winstrol or Stanozolol continues, the truth is that the supplement has proven benefits to both sick patients and fitness fads. Stanozolol pills improve the health of males who previously suffered conditions directly associated with testosterone levels in the body. Scientific research has also shown Stanozolol benefits in both women and pets. Thus the problem lies in how abused the supplement is, which triggers a series of unwanted side effects.

To be on the safe side, always ensure you are buying FDA approved Stanozolol for sale and from websites licensed to supply the drug. If you start to experience side effects at the early stages of using the supplement, seek medical advice immediately.