Intro To Somatropin – Its Benefits, Side Effects And A Little More

Somatropin is a kind of HGH (human growth hormone) essential for bone and muscle growth. It is used for treating growth issues in kids and adults lacking natural growth hormone. People with such deficiency may have issues such as Noonan syndrome, chronic kidney failure, Turner syndrome, short stature, and Prader-Willi syndrome. The drug is also used for preventing major weight loss in individuals with AIDS, or for treating short bowel syndrome.

Usage and Dosage

Somatropin is not advisable if you have diabetes-related eye issues, cancer, if you’re undergoing Prader-Willi syndrome treatment, are overweight, or having major breathing issues. Somatropin should not be used if you have a major health issue relating to lung disorders or complications emanating out of injury, surgery, or medical trauma.

To ensure somatropin usage is safe, consult your doctor and let him know if you have a pituitary gland problem, diabetes, spine curvature, underactive thyroid, brain tumor or head injury history, and a history of brain cancer radiation treatment.

Some somatropin brands such as Omnitrope, Genotropin, Serostism, Saizen and Zorbtive won’t hurt an unborn child. If you’re pregnant or planning on getting pregnant, let your doctor know about the same before you start the treatment. It’s not clear whether somatropin enters breast milk or hurts a nursing baby.

If you happen to miss the dose by a few hours, take the pending dose immediately. However, if you’re next dose is closing in, skip the missed dose and strictly adhere to the rest of the dose schedule. Don’t use additional medicine to compensate for the missed dose. In case you overdose, seek medical attention immediately. Overdoses could cause shaking or tremors, increased hunger, cold sweats, drowsiness, headache, dizziness, weakness, nausea and fast heartbeat.

Your somatropin brand and dose and dosage frequency would hinge on your purpose for using the drug. All the prescription label instructions must be followed, and the medicine mustn’t be taken in smaller or larger amounts for an extended time period.

Generally, somatropin is injected under the skin or into a muscle. If you’re not comfortable self-injecting the medicine, get expert help. A professional would know how to inject the medicine properly, and will also be aware of the right spots on the body for injecting somatropin. No multiple injections must go into the same area.

Before injection, don’t shake the medication as that could ruin the medicine. Have the dose prepared only if you’re ready for the injection. Dispose the medicine if it has particles within or has changed colors.

When using somatropin you could require frequent blood exams. Your growth progress has to be tested frequently, and your eyes have to be checked too.

The way you store the medication depends on the somatropin brand you’re using and the diluent the drug is being mixed with. Post mixing somatropin, you could either store it for future use or use the blend right away.

Side Effects/ Interactions

Some of the common somatropin side effects are rapid weight gain, swelling, joint or muscle pain, pain, itching, headache, or changes in skin appearance and texture at the spot where the injections were administered.

If you’re using somatropin for treating short bowel syndrome, stay away from soda beverages or fruit juices. Strictly adhere to your nutrition counselor or doctor’s instructions about the kinds of liquids you must be taking when on the medication. Also, don’t drink alcohol as it could irritate the stomach and aggravate the condition further.

Positive Effects

When taken as per prescription or approved doses and indications, somatropin’s benefits far outweigh its risks.

As aforementioned, somatropin medication can benefit adults who’ve been losing weight and muscle to AIDS. The drug gets prescribed for treating short bowel syndrome, with some doctors also having used the drug for treating ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease, multiple sclerosis and fibromyalgia.

As natural growth hormone production starts to plummet with age, doctors have been using somatropin for treating the hormone decline in adults with deficiency signs.

The vertical length of a bone stops to grow after certain age; however, it doesn’t mean the bone isn’t growing horizontally. There’s something called bone remodeling, which continues throughout an individual’s lifespan. With old bone cells dying, they’re absorbed and fresh cells are required to make up for the loss. Since GH helps with stimulating the cellular reproduction process, a lack of the hormone means there would often be a new bone cells shortage. This means the bones would weaken, causing osteoporosis and linear height loss. This explains why people become shorter with age.

Growth hormone is also needed for maintaining lean muscle mass. The deficiency in the hormone is reason why most adults see a decline in their exercising results as they age. Safeguarding muscular integrity is vital to ensure the skeletal system gets the assistance from its muscles, which it requires with age.

In both women and men, somatropin helps maintain healthfulness, drive, motivation and vitality. It helps them stay happy, focused, amorous and energized.

Short Bowel Syndrome

Short bowel syndrome management is complex, requiring frequent parenteral nutrition assistance for ensuring adequate fluids and nutrients administration. Despite parenteral nutrition provision advances, this nutritional support mode presents major risks to a patient, disrupts life quality, and is quite expensive. Because intestinal adaptation has a significant role to play in successful management of individuals having short bowel syndrome, latest investigations have turned their focus to using trophic substances for enhancing intestinal adaptation and augmenting the remaining gut’s absorptive function. Several studies carried out in humans and animal models having short bowel syndrome that look into the efficacy of somatropin, or recombinant HGH have exhibited conflicting findings in this regard.

But, significant methodology differences across the studies restrict definitive conclusions relating to this intestinal adaptation therapy benefit. Further studies in with regard to these patients have concentrated on recombinant HGH’s ability to allow parenteral nutrition requirements reduction.


Somatropin is tolerated well with usually manageable side effects. Gastrointestinal symptoms, injection site reactions, fluid retention, occur commonly who buy Somatropin for personal or professional use. But serious negative effects are quite rare. If you’re considering buying somatropin pills, somatropin tablets or a somatropin steroid when there’s Somatropin for sale, talk to your doctor first. Remember to buy somatropin online only from a reputed seller.