Methandrostenolone: Effects On Men And Women

People are always on the lookout for ways to improve themselves in every aspect. Those who are focused on physical enhancement found a potent drug that could help them with the emergence of anabolic steroids. It started in the 1930s but really gained traction in the 1960s. Methandrostenolone was among the earliest compounds to come out of that era. It also goes by the popular trade name Dianabol. Studies showed that it could increase muscle mass and improve strength within a relatively short period of time. On the other hand, its strong hormonal impact could also lead to undesirable side effects for both genders.

Effects on Women

Steroids work a lot like testosterone inside the body. It should be no surprise that it also has the same effects on those who take it. This can become an issue for a lot of women as they start to develop masculine characteristics. The changes can be quite apparent and many stop after they experience these. For instance, the vocal tract may become enlarged just like men’s. Women may notice their voice becoming deeper than before. This will be very difficult to hide. In fact, it is one of the clearest telltale signs of steroid use. The extent will vary from case to case.

They will also notice an excessive growth of hair in parts that don’t usually have them. This could be the chest area, the face, and the legs. In truth, small hairs grow all over our body but these aren’t readily apparent with most women. Using steroids boost their growth and thickness that those seen in men. People who are genetically pre-disposed to this condition will find it getting worse. It would be easy to shave these off but it can get a bit inconvenient and disconcerting. This is especially true for parts that are highly visible like the face.

Anabolic steroids are also known to induce the enlargement of the clitoris. This is perhaps the most troubling of all if it is not part of the goal. Some individuals do take drugs to induce this effect for their own reasons, such as a trans man who is trying to transition by gaining secondary male characteristics. However, women who are not in this type of program may be surprised by the development. This kind of growth can be difficult to reverse. A doctor should be immediately consulted if this and other unwanted effects become apparent after taking the drug. Stop the dosage immediately and do not buy Methandrostenolone until medical advice is provided.

Effects of Men

Men already have high levels of testosterone in their system. Adding more to it can lead to excessive levels that have negative effects. One of them is male pattern baldness. Genetics have a large role to play in the emergence of this condition but the excess hormones hastens the fall out of hair. The hairline will recede and everything will thin out. This can hit the confidence of those who experience this with many choosing to wear a type of wig to cover the bald spots. It usually develops over a period of several years but drug use can accelerate things such that a major difference can be seen after only a couple of months.

Another condition that could result from steroid intake is the breakout of acne. This is normal for teenagers as their hormones are on high gear at their age. Adults who think that this is a thing of the past can experience it again and at an even higher rate. The gravity will depend on each individual. Many will find large acne spots developing on their chin area as well as the nose. Other parts of the face may also be affected. Many fail to realize that this is caused by the drug and try to treat the problem with topical solutions with no relief.

Long-term use of the substance is not recommended. As women can develop male characteristics, men can develop female characteristics as well. An example would be the changing of the voice to a higher pitch — the opposite in women. The emergence of enlarged fatty chests is another one of them. Most men use this drug in order to add more muscle and get closer to their ideal physique so this type of development is clearly unwelcome. It is also hard to take out once they’re there. Before purchasing a Methandrostenolone for sale, consider whether you are willing to take all of the risks involved with this drug.