Do Prohormones For Cutting Really Work?

Anyone who’s gone through a cutting cycle knows that supplements can help in adapting a holistic approach to their fitness goals. This is where cutting prohormone stacks come in. They can make a huge difference by combining a number of supplements into one formula that is effective in aiding one achieve their fitness goals.

Foundations of a Prohormone Cutting cycle

There are three things required to burn fat successfully while building muscle. These include a strategic diet, a consistent, challenging workout program and controlling estrogen. Any person looking to shed fat while gaining muscle needs to have these three basics in place.


Muscle tissues burn more calories than fat. As such, an individual with more muscle mass is able to burn more calories organically. This creates an anabolic state that makes it easier to attain a calorie deficit which forces the body to use stored fat for fuel. Without the appropriate diet, it would be impossible to lose weight simply by using cutting prohormones. For the best results, all meals need to have very little carbs. A Paleo diet devoid of fruit would generally be ideal when one is on the cutting cycle.

HIIT Cardio Training

Cardiovascular training is essential for optimizing any prohormone cutting cycle. There’s plenty of evidence from research to suggest that high intensity interval training (HIIT) for short time periods helps increase fat loss. If possible, training should be done in the morning and while one is on an empty stomach. Anyone using anabolic androgenic prohormones for cutting is also advised to pay attention to constantly check their blood pressure and cholesterol levels while on a HIIT routine.

Controlling Estrogen

Estrogen is essential in increasing muscle mass. But it’s also known to go well with abundant body fat. This means that people with high fat levels are more likely to produce estrogen while on prohormones. Overweight men should therefore take measures to control estrogen in order to reduce the risk of enlarged breasts. Using an aromatase inhibitor would allow the body control estrogen levels while one loses fat.

Finding the Best Prohormones for Cutting

While shopping for the best cutting prohormones, there are a few key components to look for. Muscle building power is one of the crucial factors. Generally, any supplement that aids in protein synthesis and nitrogen retention should work. These two help maintain and nourish muscle tissues, which makes it easier for them to grow hard and lean.

Fat burning generally occurs through the process of thermogenesis where the body’s internal temperature is raised to allow fat to melt away. Prohormones that speed up metabolism will help the body burn fat instead of storing it. This should be a key element of one’s cutting cycle because having more muscle mass isn’t going to be effective if there’s still excess flab.

The stack should also promote accelerated recovery from workouts. Increased intensity during the cutting cycle has a direct impact on muscles, joint and endurance. Supplements that offer a little extra energy coupled with assistance in recovery will help one stay healthy and motivated.


Perhaps the most significant advantage is the strength gain. This is vital for most people, from those trying to improve their form for an upcoming event or those simply trying to attain lean muscle. Cutting prohormones also allows one to burn both subcutaneous and visceral fat, which is beneficial to body health and organs. Excessive fat is known to increase vulnerability to cancer, diabetes as well as liver and kidney disorders.
Potency will vary depending on whether or not one has used prohormones before. Beginners are advised to start with formulas containing a single compound and then work their way into more complex compounds. Users are also cautioned from taking prohormones within 6 hours of going to bed. Although they aren’t designed to stimulate the user, prohormones could make it difficult to sleep.

There are various sites where one can buy the formulas online. When searching for prohormones, one should be sure to look for legal products. With the current regulation of prohormones, options for cutting compounds have significantly diminished. Nevertheless, there are still a few solid products left. Reading some reviews prior to the purchase will help in ensuring one gets the best prohormones for cutting.

Generally, one can expect positive results when they use the right prohormones for cutting. Not only does one increase their energy and stamina, but they could also note improvements in how they look and feel. They also help in enhancing athletic performance, particularly if one constantly engages in physical activities.