Intro To Cutting Cycles, Cutting Steroids And Diet

Often, bodybuilders consume excessive amount of calories and undergo intense training during a steroid cutting cycle to amass maximum amount of muscle possible. After completing the steroid cutting cycles, the individual would have accumulated many pounds of muscle along with some fat, thanks to the excessive calorie consumption. A cutting stack or steroid cutting stack comprises cardiovascular exercise and lowers caloric intake for burning excess fat and showing off the freshly acquired muscle. Bodybuilders often undergo cutting stacks or steroid cutting stacks before a competitive event.

Initially, it could seem strange to put on weight with a diet for gaining fat and muscle. Bodybuilders tend to take this route as it’s not easy to build huge muscle and lose fat simultaneously. Making muscle, particularly the muscle pounds bodybuilders yearn for, entails consuming good amount of calories which get burned during exercise. Since attaining these two objectives need opposite mechanisms, most individuals find bulking and then resorting to the best cutting cycle much easier.

During best cutting cycles, the intensity of workout is increased or maintained. As the body is consuming lesser calories than what it’s spending when on the best steroid cutting cycle, shedding some muscle when losing fat is possible. Bodybuilders generally like to mitigate this effect as much as possible, and they add cardiovascular training to expend the maximum possible calories.

Before a bodybuilding competition, the best steroid cutting cycles at times can get much extreme to make sure all muscle definitions and striations can be seen. Before the event, bodybuilders could limit their water intake for specific time periods. They could invigorate the muscles by training and drawing blood flow into the muscles so that they could look bigger.


Bodybuilders adopt the best cutting stack or best cutting stacks by limiting their calorie intake, quite drastically often. Generally, carbs or carbohydrates and fat are limited. Protein consumption, on the other hand, is stuck with as it’s believed eating protein ensures muscle mass doesn’t get lost when on the best steroid cutting stack. At times bodybuilders could cycle their carbohydrates, which means they could bring down their carb intake levels for multiple days, which is later followed by a carbohydrate intake increase. Carb cycling’s purpose is providing energy to the body for intense exercising while maintaining low net carb consumption.

Some bodybuilders could take amino acid supplements, such as glutamine, during the cutting phase for some assistance with muscle mass maintenance and protein synthesis. Almost all bodybuilders take protein drinks and protein powders as supplements. If the bodybuilder uses anabolic steroids for building and maintaining muscle, he could use a unique steroid combination during the cutting phase for maximizing fat loss and retaining muscle.

Cutting Anabolic Steroids and their Importance

Most bodybuilders with excess fat tissues need cutting steroids. The tissues required for building a sculpted physique should be developed into well-toned muscles and lean tissues. Before taking any steroid, it’s imperative to learn more about them and their use. The following are four anabolic steroids that are usually used as cutting cycle stacks:

• Anvarol

Anvarol’s primary purpose is destroying body fats, to help the body get into shape. To achieve its objective, the steroid targets muscle contraction. Anvarol’s constituents cause phosphocreatine creation. This synthesis makes way for adenosine triphosphate release. During adenosine triphosphate production, fatty acids and glucose metabolism takes place. Simply put, anvarol helps the body burn excess fat by transforming it into beneficial energy a bodybuilder would require when working out. And all of this is accomplished with little to zero side effects.

• Clenbuterol

Clenbuterol’s primary attraction is its thermogenic quality. A thermogenic item induces an increase in body temperature, to facilitate faster metabolism. This means weight loss and fat-burning become much easier. Clenbuterol’s main side effect, however, is that the muscles build in size slowly post fat burn. Consuming this anabolic fat-burning substance is recommended when the muscle-building has plateaued out. Such plateauing usually happens when there isn’t sufficient building and cutting cycle happening within the body during exercise. Not to mention, clenbuterol is quite popular among gym enthusiasts.

• Winidrol

In case the bodybuilder aspires to have more profound and extreme results, he could consider winidrol as a part of his cutting stack. The steroid is particularly used for burning stubborn fats and developing well-defined muscles. Winidrol helps with retaining nitrogen, which means there is no muscle damage or reduction even when there is a decrease in fat tissues. Perhaps, winidrol’s best effect is increased vascularity. This means developing several prominent veins, thanks to extreme subcutaneous fat reduction. This improves the flow of bodily fluids and blood via the veins. Simultaneously, the steroid targets water retention for sustaining the bodybuilder’s fitness levels. Generally, winidrol is not recommended for women.

• Testosterone Max

This steroid is both a cutting and bulking anabolic agent. Bodybuilders need this substance as it assists with muscle bulk maintenance, sustaining adequate red blood cell levels, and bone growth. In other words, the product helps the body make its testosterone. And similar to the other three products on this list, testosterone max is taken orally as well.