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The New Colonist has been providing news and views about city places for city people for more than ten years. Today it has a traffic rank in the top 3.77 percent of all web sites. Monthly visitor averages range from 5,000 to more than 40,000 depending on the measuring service referenced, and the site has nearly 16,000 inbound links.

Most of our readers are middle-to-upper income urban residents; they are likely to be active in their community, have a college degree, and work as a professional. Many of them work in architecture, urban planning, travel, and decoration, and all have a lively and compelling interest in the future of cities and the urban lifestyle. They are seers and seekers, problem-solvers and nest-builders, formidably individualistic yet committed to community, lovers of the clever restaurant, the special shop, the personable service provider. They are building our future, living our present, and supporting your businesses--and they are here at The New Colonist, waiting for you.

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